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Smoking is not allowed on the plane. Why are ashtrays equipped


Foreword: "or say: 'what is it like to use a son's spear and trap a son's shield?' its Buddha can respond."¡ª¡ª "Han Feizi: Nanyi"

People who have been on the plane know that there is a "no smoking" sign on the plane, but careful people will also find that although passengers are banned from smoking on the plane, they will still be equipped with ashtrays. Why on earth? Isn't this lifting a stone and hitting yourself in the foot? If you think of the old Chinese saying "use the spear of the son and attack the shield of the son", you will not be entangled in this problem!

In the middle of last century, flying was a very luxurious thing. At this time, airlines actually allowed passengers to smoke because of factors such as safety and comfort.

In addition, passengers are also given many privileges, which people can't imagine now.

At that time, the plane was not a simple means of travel, but a key social place. Some upper class men and women were intertwined. They drank and talked with each other, and even smoked and talked freely.

Looking back to the 1980s, in addition to smoking at will, there are also a lot of dinner and alcoholic drinks on Chinese civil aviation aircraft, which is why many airlines feel inferior now.

In that distant era, some international airlines also clearly divided smoking areas and no smoking areas. Each passenger will choose whether to smoke in the whole cabin according to their own needs, because the cabin is a relatively closed space. Then, during a period of navigation, if the whole cabin is a person who likes smoking, it will be acceptable, and some non-smokers will be in pain. At this time, this on-demand distribution is much more humanized.

After July 1, 1994, international airlines all over the world began to prohibit passengers from smoking on international flights. Although China's civil aviation industry develops relatively late, China dares to be the first. As early as 1994, China has clearly stipulated that passengers on board are strictly prohibited from smoking. In some prominent parts, civil aviation companies of China will post distinctive no smoking signs to remind passengers.

But here comes the problem. Today, more than 20 years later, there will still be ashtrays on the current aircraft. Why on earth? This is mainly because from the legal level, although the relevant rules and regulations of China's airlines make it clear that passengers are not allowed to smoke. But this does not mean that the ashtray does not need to be configured.

On the plane, whether on one side of the toilet door or nearby, or in other places, it is essential to set up a free ashtray.

In other words, if a new aircraft is not equipped with an ashtray, then the aircraft also means that it is a less qualified product, and it cannot meet the navigation standards.

From the perspective of passengers, another key use of ashtrays is to improve flight safety.

Its existence is to prevent sneaking passengers from throwing cigarette butts into the dustbin after smoking. In this way, the risk of flight will be greatly increased. After all, people's quality is an uncertain thing. There have been several such vicious events in China's aviation history.

Once, a passenger came out of the bathroom with a smell of smoke. The crew member with a sensitive nose asked him if he had smoked. He first tried to deny it, and then refused to admit it. Finally, several flight attendants searched the dustbin again before they found the cigarette butts of Mars. The passenger had to admit his wrong behavior in front of irrefutable evidence.

Imagine that if the passenger's cigarette butts are not completely extinguished, and he also conveniently throws them into the dustbin, resulting in a fire. At this time, if the fire cannot be controlled, the cabin will often catch fire and cause thick smoke, which will eventually cause all passengers on board to fall into anxiety. In serious cases, the consequences of the plane crash and human death may also occur. This is not sensational, but what really happened.

In addition, it should be emphasized that smoking in the cabin and toilet of the aircraft is not a cool behavior, but a high-risk thing, which not only threatens their own safety, but also threatens the safety of all passengers and crew members of the aircraft.

Therefore, we must not pursue our own interests, which will cause great inconvenience and danger to the safety of others' lives.

Then, some people wonder, in addition to passengers, can pilots smoke in the cockpit? It is also clearly stipulated in the operation guidelines of various airlines that no matter in China or overseas, the pilots in the cockpit are also prohibited from smoking.

Because it is also easy for pilots to smoke in the cockpit. If pilots need to rely on cigarettes and tar to complete this flight during long-term navigation, it will be a very unreliable behavior.

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