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Don't underestimate the long-standing pen holder


In the hearts of Chinese people, the study is the most elegant and quiet place in the home. If you want to form such a large and elegant study, it is inevitable that you need a lot of objects to set off each other before you can get their own chapters. Among them, the most indispensable must be a variety of books, as well as some calligraphy supplies. Although the pen holder looks unimpressive, it is actually an elegant instrument with dreamy brush.

And now there are many kinds of pen holders on the market, including ceramic, bamboo and various materials. In my father's study, there is a special bamboo pen holder. This pen holder looks particularly elegant because it has a lifelike dragon carving on it.

I also went to ask my father. My father said that in fact, the pen holder is one of the necessary tools in the study. Moreover, the origin of the pen holder is not small. It has been recorded as early as the Ming Dynasty. Through historical deduction, it has evolved into a variety of shapes, especially for school students, who need pen holders.

However, for calligraphers, the pen holder can be said to have collection value, because a good pen holder depends not only on the quality, but also on the above graphics and age, as well as the technological level. The most common wooden pen container in the market has a transaction price of hundreds of yuan, not to mention some pen containers with a long history.

The penholder on my father's desk is said to be an ancestral penholder he picked up from a craftsman. It should have started in the Qing Dynasty. From the above pictures and texts, it is also extremely valuable for collection in the future. And the penholder can continue from Lin Mo to today, has been prosperous, can be said to have a unique value.

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