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Why was the electric vehicle fined 5000 for installing a mobile phone bracket?


    Nowadays, electric vehicles are the main mode of transportation for most people. With the introduction of the new national standard, some "new regulations" have been issued nationwide, which has attracted many motorists' complaints that riding electric vehicles is only for convenience, but why is it like this?

   As we all know, the purpose of the new national standard is to facilitate management. In order to facilitate management, in addition to cleaning the roads nationwide, it will also check the installation of electric vehicles. Among them, the most puzzling thing is that the traffic police issued sky high fines for some small modifications. What's going on?

Mobile phone bracket

   Hangzhou man fined 5000 yuan for installing mobile phone bracket

   Since July last year, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, has promulgated the regulations of Zhejiang Province on the administration of electric bicycles. This means that in addition to the general environment, electric vehicles must comply with the local regulations.

   Not long ago, a traffic policeman in Hangzhou found a staff member refitting an electric car in front of a store in Hangzhou without wearing a helmet, a fake license plate, a fake license plate and other violations. According to the date of licensing and the model information, it was confirmed that the car was a new car.

   According to the investigation of the traffic police, the bicycle was illegally refitted. The refitted seats, mobile phone brackets, etc. caused serious damage and was eventually fined 5000 yuan.

   This makes many electric vehicle owners wonder why electric vehicles are so difficult to walk. Even if they break the law, the fine will be higher.

   In the past two years, there have been more and more penalties for electric bicycles. For a small problem, they will be fined. For example, a family in Shenzhen will be fined 500 yuan for installing awnings and windshields, and a battery car in Zhengzhou will be fined 5000 yuan.

   As mentioned above, there are some problems with electric vehicle driving and cycling. If they are given a severe punishment, will they believe it? The consequence of this is that the people will oppose the law. The most important thing is to have a reasonable and perfect management system, instead of breaking away from reality and forcing people to implement it when I don't ride an electric car.

Mobile phone bracket

   Electric vehicle owners will support riding electric vehicles, such as retrograde, phone calls, drunk driving, etc., but if only a mobile phone bracket is installed, they will be fined 5000 yuan. The motivation of this is questionable.

   Although the punishment this time was due to the fault of the car owner, some professional media used the word "illegal", which completely violated the objective law of the news, and the words were exaggerated. After all, this matter has reached the height of the law, at most, the driver did not know that he had violated the law.

   Despite this, when riding a bike, you should still abide by the traffic laws: wear a helmet, control the speed, don't ride a battery car, don't bring people, ride an electric car with a 12-year-old child, and pay attention to safety.

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