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How to distinguish the authenticity of drinking coconut green and determine the three holes?


    Yeqing has a real hole and two fake holes. You can cut the sharp side of the coconut green once, then put it on the table in turn, and keep cutting out the flat side of the coconut green, revealing three holes. At this time, you can poke three holes with chopsticks and drink the coconut milk inside. After drinking, you can cut it and eat coconut meat directly.

    How to find three holes in Yeqing? Yeqing has three holes, one real hole and two fake holes. They form a triangle, and the real hole is actually the pedicle. If you want to drink coconut green through the hole, you can cut the sharp side and put it on the table. When you see three holes coming out, you can poke out the real holes with chopsticks.

    If you can't find the three holes of the coconut tree, you can also cut the sharp edge directly. You need to be careful in the cutting process to avoid cutting your hand. You can also use a special coconut bottle opener. After drilling the hole, you can drink water with a straw. Never cut the coconut tree directly, otherwise all the coconut juice will be lost.

    After drinking the juice of coconut green, you can cut the coconut green, take out the coconut meat and eat it directly, or stir fry or cook soup. Excellent taste, high nutritional value, can clear 

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