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China US Meeting Injects Stabilizer into a Chaotic World


China US Meeting Injects Stabilizer into a Chaotic World

    The most influential international event in the near future is the China US Dollar Summit held on November 14. As the two countries with the strongest comprehensive national strength in the world, China and the United States will benefit the world if they cooperate, and the world will suffer if they fight. Singapore, Indonesia and other countries expressed their concern about the possible conflict between China and the United States before the G20 Summit. China and the US dollar met at this juncture for the first time, which is good news after all. At least it shows that the two countries still have the will to talk, and unlike the United States and Russia, even the polite dialogue between heads of state has been canceled.

    In the era of global integration, comprehensive national strength is roughly linked to international influence. Whether China and the United States have differences or reach consensus on an international issue can often directly determine whether the matter can be successfully resolved. The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a typical example. The West, led by the United States, has insisted on pulling aside and trying to force Russia to make concessions by means of sanctions, assistance to Ukraine and other means, making the situation between Russia and Ukraine last for eight months without any sign of easing; China, on the other hand, has always insisted on promoting peace and talks, always stood on the side of peace, and has not blindly pursued fire. The differences between China and the United States on the Russian Ukrainian issue basically represent the differences between the third world countries and the West. However, the good news is that the Chinese and US dollar leaders issued a joint statement on "opposing the use of nuclear weapons" during the Russian Ukrainian crisis for the first time during their meeting on November 14.

    According to State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, after the meeting, China stressed that Russia and Ukraine should carry out dialogue and negotiation. Peaceful resolution of the crisis is a top priority. Nuclear weapons cannot be used and nuclear war cannot be fought. It should be noted that the "nuclear war cannot be fought" emphasized by China this time does not refer to Russia alone, but includes the entire NATO. Even though the Russian government has made it clear many times that it will not use nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the West is still hyping up Russia's nuclear threat recently, and even threatened that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, there will be "disastrous consequences". At present, it seems that the West is the one who hypes the nuclear threat, and the West is still the one who suggests nuclear war. China's voice of "opposing the use of nuclear weapons" is said to all nuclear countries, and it is not "China has begun to oppose Russia" as the West has claimed.

Zelensky Praises the China US Dollar Summit

    However, President Zelensky of Ukraine will not miss this opportunity. In his video speech on November 14, Zelensky praised the meeting between the heads of the US and China and said that the statement of China and the United States against the use of nuclear weapons on the crisis in Ukraine is very significant.

    With the war situation becoming more and more favorable to Ukraine, it is difficult for Russia to regain the initiative by relying on tactical weapons. At least before Russia conducts large-scale war mobilization, the Russian army with insufficient troops can only launch a limited scale attack, and it is hard to hold the current position. The most worrying problem for Ukraine at present is that the Russian army uses tactical nuclear weapons to attack the Ukrainian army when it is cornered. After all, Ukraine does not intend to "scorched earth war of resistance". Fighting a nuclear war on its own land is tantamount to destroying Ukraine's future. The joint statement of China and the United States is tantamount to reassuring Zelensky. With the words of China and the United States, nuclear countries, including Russia, will not have the idea of nuclear war.

    Zelensky received more than one good news on November 14. According to the Russian Tass News Agency, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that deemed it necessary to establish a Russian compensation mechanism for Ukraine's losses. The resolution was aimed at legalizing the Western plan to use Russian frozen assets. 94 countries voted in favor of it to express their support for Ukraine.

    Historically, there have been instances where a defeated country has made reparations to a victorious country. However, there has never been a case where forced reparations have been discussed before the war is over. After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the West broke the iron law of "inviolability of private property", seized and frozen the assets of Russian citizens abroad by various means, and the assets of some Russian overseas countries were also frozen by the West. However, in order to avoid being spurned by other countries because of their ugly taste, the West has only frozen these assets and has not yet divided them. The "establishment of a Russian compensation mechanism for Ukraine's losses" adopted at the UN General Assembly meeting gives the West a dignified reason. Most of the anti money is in the hands of the West. Without supervision, the United Nations cannot find out the specific flow of the money.

    In order to block the mouth of other countries, the West will certainly let Ukraine get a piece of the pie. This money may not be enough for Ukraine to rebuild, but it is better than nothing. What's more, it is still the money of the sworn enemies, which is enough for Ukrainian people to feel happy for a long time.

    In Russia's view, the adoption of this resolution by the United Nations General Assembly is extremely absurd. If compensation is needed, the United States should first pay compensation to North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and other countries. As the country that launched the most wars after World War II, the United States has not paid even a penny to the above-mentioned countries. Now the Western countries led by the United States have begun to force Russia to pay compensation, and the nature of double standards is clear.

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