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Customized instructions


All of our products can be customized, and some products are available. If you need customized requirements, please contact 18338199863, ready-made products can be directly produced and processed. When confirming the order, please help confirm the following information:


1. Are there product design drawings or reference samples?

2. If there is no design drawing, and there is a specific LOGO that needs to be designed, we can design it for free;

3. Please determine the product size;

4. Product surface polishing, electroplating requirements;

5. The quantity to be customized;

6. Please confirm the style and quality requirements of the accessories of the product, so that we can calculate the price more accurately;

7. Please confirm the packaging details, don't just say something casual at first, and then change it later, of course you can change it according to your requirements, but you must bear the costs incurred;

8. The product is customized, which means that the mold must be opened according to your requirements. This requires payment of the county fee. If you are based on our current product, and the LOGO of the current product is Yin Wei or laser, then if you need to print You need to pay for the online version, if you shoot it, you do nt need it;

9. Our payment method requirements are: to pay the full mold cost when proofing, when confirming the sample production, you need to prepay 30% deposit, if you need to deliver in batches, then you must also pay in batches, the remaining balance is checked before shipment After passing, you must pay the balance in one lump sum.

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